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Cosmic Egg from MoonPath Press

My first full-length collection of Poetry is now available from MoonPath Press!

Brendan McBreen’s Cosmic Egg (Moonpath Press, 2017) is a gorgeous collection, both lush and minimal at the same time. Each of these poems deserves to be savored; most are short, sparely word gems loaded with impact, a la Kay Ryan. Some unpack a broad, philosophical theme in just a few words, while others are intensely personal. A unique wit and wry sense of humor run throughout, too. All in all, this is a beautiful collection…highly recommended.

Laura Allen (The Quiet Year, Two Ponies Press, 2017)

I just finished reading your book, and am still reeling from the experience. Beauty, enigma, heartbreak, mystery, humor, and so much imagination and innovation. Not a dull moment. Thank you for writing it.

Glenna Cook (Thresholds, MoonPath Press, 2017)

Cosmic Egg by Brendan McBreen (MoonPath Press, 2017) is a universe in a book. Brendan's poetry ranges from the physics of deepest space to inner struggles of identity and depression. But all throughout there is light, sometimes dim and flickering, often times outrageous and funny and insightful. Within the Cosmic Egg past, present, and future, the possible and impossible, the abstract and real collide in improbable poetic harmony.

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